Collected $10K In The First 4 Weeks With No Prior Entrepreneurship Experience #3


Marcos Ramirez made the decision to quit his full-time job and take the plunge into entrepreneurship with no experience regarding how to make money online. With no prior experience, Marcos joined Scaling with Systems for a crash course on everything in the area of starting a business! 

The Results

Marcos saw results fast. Within just 4 weeks of joining Scaling with Systems, he collected a total of $10K in revenue. About his success, Marcos said, “No experience in sales, no experience in marketing. I just followed the demo presentation y’all had and went with it!” With the combination of believing in himself and having the right tools and knowledge necessary, Marcus was able to find success in a new field! 


The Process

Marcos had the roadmap on how to go from $0 to 7 figures, and he was determined to succeed with that! He quickly realized that setting and closing appointments were a key component to being able to scale. That’s where his virtual assistant came into play! Marco’s virtual assistant was able to start getting his calendar full of appointments with potential clients without him having to lift a finger. About a few weeks into the program, Marcus states “I had direction and I felt like a real CEO of my business!”

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